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Mediation Experience

Ralph Haben became deeply involved in mediation in 2004 when Hurricane Ivan ravaged Florida's Gulf Coast. In quick response, the state of Florida created the hurricane mediation program. Ralph was asked to serve in Pensacola, one of the hardest hit areas where he had the opportunity to mediate hundreds of homeowner’s claims.

“I was proud to be a part of that program. We had a better than a 95% settlement rate, which meant many Floridians were able to begin normal life again.”

Known for his negotiation skills, Ralph was then appointed by the Department of Financial Services to handle the remaining large and contentious claims. He was highly successful and continues with that success in his private mediation practice today.

A mediators success is ultimately judged by his settlement success rate. Ralph has the experience and background to provide a real opportunity for the parties to arrive at a settlement that works for all.

Ralph Haben is a qualified arbitrator, a certified circuit civil and family law mediator. He is qualified in both federal, state and multi-state venues.

Areas of experience include:

  • employment law
  • complex litigation
  • federal claims
  • serious injury and death
  • real property contest
  • contract disputes
  • insurance coverage
  • governmental claims
Ralph Haben


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