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The Process

“Most cases can be resolved.

If the attorneys and participants really believe that the matter can be resolved, it can!”

The strength of the mediation process always rests with the mediator. Knowledge of the law and its application to a particular case are important factors, but the real key is to arrive at that special place where everyone can agree.

Above all, a truly successful mediator must have the gift to understand and show the parties a path to resolution. The main role of the mediator is to assist the parties in obtaining that elusive conclusion that works for everyone involved.

A Wealth Of Experience

“It always comes down to the people involved. It’s always about the people”

Ralph has had the unique opportunity to be a participant in multiple levels of government negotiations as few mediators ever have.

Ralph Haben began his career over 30 years ago, first as an aide in the Florida Senate and ultimately as the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Florida. He has served on every major committee in the House of Representatives and knows how to bring opposing parties together.

“I never considered becoming a mediator until several of my colleagues pointed out that I had, in essence, been mediating and negotiating my entire career. The interaction between the Houses and Governor of Florida is truly a huge mediation and it takes place every year in our political system thousands of times.

Ralph Haben


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